late policy:

As a courtesy to all guests, anything longer than 10 minutes past the beginning of your appointment time, and i will have to either move your appointment down to my next available appointment or reschedule for another day.


No-Show Policy:

A no show constitutes as missing the appointment at the scheduled time and not reaching out, (or responding to me) to change said appointment within that same day. Two no shows will require a Credit Card be held on file, and any subsequent no-shows will be charged 15% of the total service. After a calendar year of no no-shows, penalty will be negated.

Will it hurt?

YES… but its worth it! waxing pulls the entire hair follicle and root out of your skin, which is bound to hurt a little. The regrowth will be a brand new hair that is finer and takes longer to grow in. After a while, the hair dies off and you will no longer grow hair!


How long does the hair have to be?

Hair only needs to be about 1/4”. If you shave, your hair should be long enough after about 5 days. No matter how long the hair is, exfoliation is key and will help hair, from super short to longer, to come out clean and with the root attached.


Do you do male waxing?

I am fully trained in male waxing, except the male brazilian. Unfortunately, I was not trained in this service and will not be offering it. However, my colleague, Tawny Early, is trained and does perform this particular service so please check her out!!


New guests:

Please arrive 10 minutes early, or if you are not able to, please allow for an extra 10 minutes added on to your service. This allows for us to have the opportunity to chat about your skin and make sure you aren’t on any medications that would cause your skin to have an adverse reaction to waxing. Acutane is a major no no when waxing, but if you have any questions about waxing while on meds, please reach out to your doctor or dermatologist first to get the ok.


Last but least:

There are no stupid questions! If something comes up, please feel free to ask, either before/after your service, or during! Chances are, I’ve been asked the same question more than once before. I want your experience to be comfortable and as enjoyable as possible!